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20mm (13/16") Disk Replacement <br> for Fogger/Mister--SALE!

On sale for as low as $3.60!

Disk Replacement with key tool kit is for our ultrasonic Mist Maker Fogger-Misters. The most common cause of a fogger unit not working correctly is a used-up disk. Don't replace your fountain fogger--just replace the disk and save money!

The disk replacement with key (tool for opening mister) has a limited life span of 600 to 3000 hours, depending on how they are used. When the red light is on but the unit fails to operate underwater, the disk needs to be replaced.

Size of disk: 13/16 inch (20mm) when taken out of the mister. About the size of a nickel.

Important This disk works with all of our misters except for the mister with halogen light and 2 part mister with LED light.

Our disks are coated with copper.

Shipping and handling is $6.25 for up to 10 disk replacements.

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M015Regular price: $5.95Sale price: $4.95, 2/$9.00, 3/$12.00, 5/$18.00
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