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Five Disk Pond Fogger

Five Disk Pond Mister Fogger <br>Indoor OutdoorFive Disk Pond Mister Fogger
Indoor Outdoor
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Now you can create more mist and fog for your large fountain or pond without having a separate transformer for each unit.

Great for Halloween Cauldrons! If you don't want the water to spray outside of the container, use a container that is at least 18 inches in diameter. Fog will roll out but not spray.

The unit is lighter in weight than 5 separate Mister/foggers and only needs one wall outlet. These units will fill a 5 foot area respectively. Our 5 disk mister is for indoor and outdoor fountains and ponds.

A floating rubber buoy holds the mister only and is included for free. Mister unit is 110 volt, 6 cycle.

Rate of Diffusion:
5 Disk Mister diffuses 500 ml of water/hour

5 Disk Unit: 3 inch diameter, 1 inch height
Buoy: 8" diameter
Transformer: 2-1/2" x 3-1/2 x 5-1/2"

Cord Lengths:
Mister cord length: 32 feet
Transformer cord: 6 feet

Please see our Mist Maker for a more complete description of the workings of a mister.

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M005Regular price: $125.00Sale price: $119.00
Disk ReplacementWhen the mist stops and cleaning the disk with a soft dry cloth doesn't do the trick, you need a new disk, which comes with a key to open the slot.

MO15Regular price: $5.95Sale price: $4.50, 2/$8.00, 3/$11.25, 5/$17.50

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